Schedule of Classes for Winter 2017
 Classes are subject to change. Please contact Rabbi Rodkin at
 412-420-0220 ext. 208 or through email at
to confirm a class.


    To arrange a study partner with one of our scholars
 or to arrange any class on a topic of your interest, 
please contact Rabbi Rodkin at 412-420-0220 ext. 208 
or email him at


    Daily Classes
           (All classes are for men only unless specified) 

Daf Yomi

Monday-Friday 6:50 am

Sunday               8:30 am

Shabbos    1 hr before Mincha

Rabbi Langer




Kollel Boker

Monday-Friday 9:30 am

15 minutes of Jewish ethics

Rabbi Mandelbaum

followed by an hour of Gemara Makkos

Rabbi Rodkin




8:15-9:40 pm  (or any other time of the day).

Open Bais Medrash night seder. Please take advantage of

our fully stocked Bais Medrash. Please feel free to bring

your own study partner, join us for a class,

or call to arrange to learn with one of our scholars.


Weekly Classes

9:30 am
Gemara Avoda Zarah 
Rabbi Leibowitz

8:15 pm
Gemara Makkos
Rabbi Senft

8:30 pm
Contemporary Halachic Issues 
based on the Parsha
Rabbi Langer

8:30 pm
Insights from the Parsha
Rabbi Weisswasser

9:00 pm
Mishna Berurah-Hilchos Shabbos
Rabbi Leibowitz

8:45 pm
Chaburah style learning
on various topics
Rabbi Leibowitz
(Please contact Rabbi Leibowitz 
to confirm at

Shabbos Classes

1 hour before Mincha
Daf Yomi
Rabbi Langer

       1 and 1/2 hours before Mincha
         Gemara Kiddushin
          for advanced beginners
     Dr. Zipris

Motzei Shabbos

Broadcast of Rabbi Reisman's famed Navi shiur 
Time Varies