Schedule of Classes for Summer-Fall 2018
 Classes are subject to change. Please contact Rabbi Rodkin at
 412-420-0220 ext. 208 or through email at
to confirm a class.

    To arrange a study partner with one of our scholars
 or to arrange any class on a topic of your interest, 
please contact Rabbi Rodkin at 412-420-0220 ext. 208 
or email him at


    Daily Classes
           (All classes are for men only unless specified) 

Daf Yomi

Monday-Friday 6:50 am

Sunday               8:30 am

Shabbos    1 hr before Mincha

Rabbi Langer




Kollel Boker

Monday-Thursday 9:30 am

Gemara Makkos

Rabbi Rodkin 


Open Bais Medrash Night Seder 

8:15-9:40 pm  

(or any other time of the day)

                  Please take advantage of our fully stocked Bais Medrash.

 Feel free to bring your own study partner, join us for a class,

or call us to arrange to learn with one of our scholars.


Weekly Classes

9:30 am
Gemara Avoda Zarah 
Rabbi Leibowitz

8:15 pm
 Gemara Shevuos
Rabbi Senft

8:30 pm
Contemporary Halachic Issues 
based on the Parsha
Rabbi Langer

9:00 pm
Mishna Berurah-Hilchos Shabbos
Rabbi Leibowitz

Shabbos Classes

1 hour before Mincha
Daf Yomi
Rabbi Langer

       1 and 1/2 hours before Mincha
         Gemara Kiddushin
          for advanced beginners
     Dr. Zipris
( on break until further notice)

Motzei Shabbos

Broadcast of Rabbi Reisman's famed Navi shiur 
Time Varies
(Open for Men and Women)