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Pittsburgh Jewish Community

The Pittsburgh Jewish Community has lots to offer. Whether you are looking to join the community or are just visiting, please enjoy the amenities that Pittsburgh has to offer.

Below are a few links to resturants and attractions that are near the Pittsburgh Jewish Community. For more information please visit the websites listed below.

All resturaunts listed below are under the kashrus supervision of the Vaad Harabonim of Pittsburgh. Click here to view their website. http://www.pittsburghvaad.org/
The Kollel takes no responsibility for the kashus of any specific institution.

    Milky way (Pizza Shop)-https://www.milkywaypgh.com
    Dunkin Donuts (not cholov yisroel)
    Shabbox (412) 901-1729

    Creative Kosher Catering http://creativekosherpgh.com
    Murray Avenue Kosher  (412) 421-1015
    Mordy Brown Catering http://mordybrowncatering.com/
    Giant Eagle Bakery (Pas Yisroel) (412) 421-8161
         Grocery Stores
    Murray Avenue Kosher  (412) 421-1015
    Giant Eagle (412) 421-8161

Listed below are links to some of the Orthodox shuls in Pittsburgh. 
Poalei Tzedek (Ashkenaz) https://pzonline.wixsite.com
Sharei Torah (Ashkenaz) http://www.shaaretorah.net/
Yeshiva Schools/Chabad Center (Nusach Ari) 

The Greater Pittsburgh Community has an Eruv that encompasses the Jewish community. 
Please see their website. 

There are two schools in town

Hillel Academy