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Press Release

On the first night of Chanukah, Sunday, December 2, 2018, some one hundred and fifty men and women from across the Pittsburgh community joined the Pittsburgh Kollel for a grand siyum marking the shloshim of the eleven victims of the Pittsburgh massacre.
Shas Mishnayos was completed more than two times and Chamishah Chumshei Torah more than once with the joint effort of community members and fellow Jews around the country and the world.
The gathering took place at the Hillel Academy building and the participants were treated to a delicious spread of refreshments along with words of inspiration by local rabanim. 
All of the speakers expressed a common theme that the eleven victims were targeted only because they were Jews. This should inspire us to improve the way we live as Jews by increasing our limud Torah and doing more mitzvos.
The guest speaker was Rabbi Dr. Michael Kurin, whose wife, Devorah, is a niece of Mrs. Joyce Fienberg, one of the shooting victims. Rabbi Dr. Kurin elaborated how "Auntie Joyce" excelled in the middah of ahavas chesed. She loved helping others on their own terms even when their values differed from her own. 
There was a Chanukah program for children of all ages for the duration of the event to allow adults to drop off their kids and participate in the siyum.
The event was spearheaded by Rabbi Doniel Schon, the Kollel's new Associate Rosh Kollel.