During the regularly-scheduled semester (zman), the Kollel minyanim are held according to the schedule below.  Please note that these times are subject to change in any given week (e.g., to accommodate holidays, community events, etc.). The beis medrash phone number is 412-420-0220 x 206.

The Kollel is now on Bein Hazmanim until August 26th
There will not be a 3:30pm mincha
Mincha will be at 6:15pm 
Please call above number to confirm

 Shacharis Sun  7:30am
  Mon-Fri  7:55am
 Shabbos 8:30am

 Mincha Weekday  3:30pm*
 Maariv Weekday  9:40pm
 Rosh Chodesh
Mon-Fri 7:55am

* בין הזמנים (between semesters), weekday Mincha is at 6:15pm.