Lecture Series buttonpesach chol hamoed boys  learning_1 SMALLPrepare for the High Holidays with five inspiring

classes. Sunday evenings starting August 31st

for men & women


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Join us this chol hamo’ed pesach

Boys Learning Program

March 28, 29, & 31, 2013

10:15 – 11:15 am Boys grades 3 – 8

Prizes for everyone!


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seder table mysteries smallTake a deeper look at the Laws of PesachCome hear from Rabbi KaganPart I March 5th 2013Part II March 11th 2013

At 7:45 pm

Free of Charge


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yesh mord hatz 5773 smallLearning for all boys 1st grade and upOn Purim dayAt the Kollel 5808 Beacon StreetFrom 9:50 to 10:40 am

Prizes and snacks for all!


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Day Of Learning with Rabbi Levi Langer,Rabbi Daniel Yolkut, Rabbi Avrohom Rodkinand Special Guest LecturersFor men and women

Located at the Kollel  5805 Beacon St.

From 9:45am – 12:20pm

Refreshments and coffee will be served

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The Kollel Jewish Learning Center PresentsA series of classis split into three sessionsGiven on Wednesdays from 7:30 – 8:20 PMTaught by Rabbi Avrohom Rodkin

Session 1: Nov 7, – Dec 5, 2012

Session 2: Jan 30, – Feb 27, 2013

Session 3: Apr 17, – May 8, 2013

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Congregation Poale Zedek invites the community

To join Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Levi Langer

and the Kollel scholars,

For some in depth learning on the topic of

Ger Toshav and the parameters of noachide law.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


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