The Kollel Jewish Learning Center offers Torah classes for every interest!

  • Yom Tov Themed Lectures
  • Legal Holiday Learning
  • One-On-One Learning
  • Text-Based Study Groups
  • Women’s Summer Learning Program
  • Kollel Konnections Men’s Program
  • Open Bais Medrash and Library Stocked with Hebrew and English Seforim
  • Mishnah On Campus
  • Plus Much, Much More!

Let us match you up with one of our scholars for one-on-one learning – at no charge!

Create Your Own Class! We will arrange a teacher for any group of six or more people in the Torah topic of their choice.

For more information or to add yourself to our email list contact:

Rabbi Avrohom Rodkin, Director of Education

412-420-0220 ext. 208 or arodkin@kollelpgh.org