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Dear Friend,

Over the past day we have all witnessed the incredible outpouring of empathy and support from Jews the world over as they responded to the terrible tragedy that occurred here in Pittsburgh. Senseless as the killings were, the reaction to them from so many people across the globe served to remind us that all Jews are one people, and when some among us are in distress all Jews feel their pain. 

Jewish tradition teaches that the Torah study and good deeds we perform are a merit to those who have passed away. Let us take out the time over the next several days to think about the eleven individuals whose lives were senselessly taken in one terrible moment, to offer a prayer in their memory or to learn mishnayos in their merit.

Joyce Feinberg – Yiddis Bultcha bat Aba Menachem, hy”d.  

Jerry Rabinowitz – Yehudah Ben Yechezkel, hy”d

David Rosenthal – Dovid Ben Eliezer, hy”d

Cecil Rosenthal – Chaim Ben Eliezer, hy”d

Irving Younger – Yitzchok Chaim ben Menachem, hy”d

Dan Stein – Daniel Avrom ben Baruch, hy”d

Rose Mallinger – Raizel bas Avrohom, hy”d

Richard Gottfried – Yosef Ben Hyman, hy”d

Bernice Simon – Beila Rochel bas Moshe, hy"d

Sylvan Simon – Zalman Shachna Ben Menachem Mendel, hy”d

Mel Wax – Moshe Gadol Ben Yosef, hy”d

We also offer our heartfelt thanks to the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line and ensured that this would not become an even greater tragedy 

Rabbi Levi Langer
Rabbi Doniel Schon


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