Welcome to the Kollel Jewish Learning Center!

Helping Jews of all ages grow intellectually and spiritually  for over 40 years

The Pittsburgh Kollel--also known as the Kollel Jewish Learning Center or Kollel Beis Yitzchok--was established in 1977 by Rabbi Shaul Kagan, zt”l. Since then, the Kollel has served as a makom Torah, a place of Torah learning and teaching, for the entire Pittsburgh community. From full-time yungeleit (scholars)and daily minyanim to chavrusa learning, from an open beis medrash to classes for adults and children, the Kollel reaches individuals from a variety of backgrounds and levels of observance.

We invite you to come see what all of the excitement is about--to daven with us, learn with a Kollel scholar, attend one of our many classes or programs, or simply to enjoy some time alone with a sefer in our beis medrash. For more information or to join our mailing list, please email info@kollelpgh.org.

Come visit us!